How to Cut Hair

If you've thought of cutting hair, you're probably wondering how to do it. Whether you just want to trim your child's bangs, cut your friend's shaggy locks shorter or get into haircutting professionally, there are some steps and tips you can follow to get it right.

How to Cut Hair
Preparation and Basic Trimming

Step 1 :
Make sure you have high-quality hair-cutting equipment, the most important being professional scissors for cutting hair. Other supplies might include a comb, a brush, a razor, hair clips, water spray, hair dryer and styling products. For just starting out, however, a pair of scissors, comb or brush, clips and water spray will suffice.

Step 2 :
Make sure the hair is dry before trimming or cutting, because wet hair tends to elongate.

Step 3 :
Establish a line for how much hair to cut off with the "client." Let them show you how much they want taken off.

Step 4 :
Brush the hair to remove tangles. Divide longer hair into approximately two-inch sections, twisting and separating with clips. Work from the hair closest to the nape of the neck first, moving outward. Have the "client" sit still with their head straight and forward.

Step 5 :
Trim the sectioned-off hair with the scissors along the established line, being careful to move in a straight, fluid motion. Let out a new section of hair, brush and then cut to match the length.

Step 6 :
Use clippers with a blade for trimming around the ears for men or women with short hair, and fold the ears down.

Practicing Different Styles

Step 1 :
Learn about different hairstyles in addition to the basic trim or cut. Study hairstyle magazines and how-to guides as well as Web sites online dedicated to helping you learn, step-by-step, how to cut many of the popular hairstyles.

Step 2 :
Practice cutting hair on dummy models with wigs. See if you can take some from your local beauty college, or buy some from a second-hand shop, or a garage sale. Try looking for dummies and wigs separately.

Step 3 :
Practice on your closest friends and family members after you have gained some confidence. Choose people who are willing to get a "real" haircut afterward, if necessary.

Tips & Warnings

1. If you want to start cutting hair professionally, you need to familiarize yourself with all the latest hairstyles and hair trends to stay competitive.

2. Consider enrolling in a hairstylist or hair-cutting program at a local beauty college if you want to become a professional. Most of these certification programs are short and fairly inexpensive.

3. Check with some local salons and even professional hairstylists who may be offering short courses or one-day workshops on haircutting.

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