How to Cut Short Hair For Women

How to Cut Short Hair For Women - Cutting Hair Made Easy

Chances are your read this because your wanting to learn how cut short hair, well cool, you're in for some good news. I am going to share some basic and easy to understand tips on learning the art of cutting hair.

First step is to find a couple of good photos of the style or cut your want to have. This just makes it much easier for you. To do this just do an internet search in yahoo or Google for "short hair styles." Be sure you know the length you want. Find a few pictures of the style you want, this will help in determining that right cut for you.

Second step to do is to get the hair wet. Just shampoo and conditioner the hair. Having the hair clean and wet will make it so much easier to control and cut.

Third step is to section the hair into four sections (ear to ear and front center to center back of your nape) By taking the hair and putting it into four sections with help you easily move through the haircut. Once again section by starting at the top of the head, right behind the ears. Taking your comb and coming straight down slightly behind each ear and then parting the hair directly down the back of the head as if you were parting the hair for pig-tails.

Fourth step is your now ready to start cutting. Always cut in small sections. In the first step you should have already decided on the length you want. Begin by taking out a 1 inch section in the back (nape) area and cutting the underlying hair first. Then work either left to right or the opposite, doesn't matter. Always remember to keep using the last section that was cut as your guide for the next section to cut. Continue cutting the hair in these small sections. When your done cutting a section go ahead and move on to the next section until you have completed the entire head. Always keep checking both sides of the head to make sure the hair is even.

To make the haircut go smoothly, be sure to have a spray bottle with water and mirror or two. Be sure to only use a nice pair of scissors that made specifically for cutting hair. Paper scissors will only ruin your hair. Don't cut hair with them!

Now with a little practice you will be creating professional haircuts in no time.

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